6 Important Features of a Great Neighborhood

You’ve done the research. You know the crime rates are low, there are excellent schools nearby, and your potential new neighborhood is an acceptable distance from your work. But what takes a neighborhood from good to great? We have compiled some of our personal ideas.

Important Features of a Great Neighborhood

Seabrook-Island-club-bike-ridesNearby Parks and Green Space

Easy access to green spaces for both people and pets is a worthwhile benefit to note. When you see that parks are being used regularly, this is a good indication that the community is welcoming and sees value in the green spaces provided. Between beaches, biking and nature trails, Seabrook has an abundance of natural space to take advantage of.

Grocery Stores

Having a nearby grocery store is a must, but having nearby grocery stores that you like is one thing that makes your potential new neighborhood a great fit for you. Bonus points if the grocery stores are new, as this is likely a sign that the community is growing and more people are interested in the area. Seabrook’s own Freshfields Village features the popular Village Market by Harris Teeter – a full-service grocery store offering convenient and quality products for both visitors and residents alike.


This feature is similar to the grocery stores one. It’s always good to have affordable restaurants that you like nearby, so you can drop by or get something delivered on those nights that you just don’t feel like cooking something at home. Between popular club dining options like Pelican’s Nest and Bohicket’s Lounge, or even off-island restaurants like Fuji sushi or McCann’s Irish Pub, Seabrook offers a wide range of restaurants to choose from.


Being able to walk to the beach or ride your bike to the swimming pool is a convenience that not all neighborhoods have.

outdoor pool at the SIPOA lake house on seabrook island

Access to Medical Care

When you have scheduled appointments or an emergency, you don’t want to have to travel for hours to get the attention you need. MUSC, the current closest hospital to Seabrook Island, announced last month that they would be constructing a freestanding emergency department between Seabrook and Kiawah that has exam rooms, a trauma center, and a helipad.

Developed Landscaping

There is something calming about a neighborhood with moss-laden trees and well-developed landscaping. It might just be the final feature that moves your opinion on the neighborhood from good to great.

You probably have your own list of neighborhood features (beyond the basics) that are most meaningful to you. Will you find your perfect match on Seabrook Island? Check out our real estate listings and get in contact with one of our agents to find out!

Advice for Buying a Beach House as a Second Home

If you live in the North or even some parts of the Midwest, you may already be feeling the fall chill. Before you know it, you’ll be back to shoveling snow and waiting anxiously for spring’s soft breezes to warm up your shivering bones. In moments like these, you may start thinking about buying a second home, but not just any home – a house on the beach where the weather is mild year-round. Before you dive headfirst into home listings, ask yourself the following questions:


Why do you want to buy a second home?

If you love where you currently live, but you just happen to be weathering a once-a-year cold snap, you may not want to take on the extra responsibility of owning a second home. Ask yourself why you really want the second house, and be honest in your answer. If you find that you do want to get away from the snow or you really want to have a vacation house on the beach, then by all means, start checking listings!

Do you know the true costs?

If you’ve never owned a second home before and you are not from the area that you’re house hunting in, you may be surprised by the cost differences. Property taxes differ from state to state, insurance is different on second homes, flood insurance is probably a more relevant concern, and your potential new community may have HOA fees to consider. These things shouldn’t necessarily deter you from thinking about a beach home, but it is important to be aware of them before you buy.

What are the neighbors and community like?

Even if you’re only spending a few weeks a year in your beach house, it’s important that you like your neighbors and community. You won’t be home much of the time, and kind neighbors who keep an eye out for your property are essential. You also want to be comfortable in the community as a whole; the people that you’re around on vacation can have a big impact on your overall perception of the trip. Do some research on the community and see if it has the amenities you like or social groups that you can get involved in during your stay.

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’re on your way to being prepared for a second home purchase. If you already know that a beach home is right for you, take a look at Seabrook’s waterfront properties or reach out to one of our agents today!

8 Ways to Know You Found the Right House

Depending on how specific your needs are, house hunting can become a long and stressful process. After months of searching and seeing as many houses as your real estate agent can come up with, how do you know that you’ve found the right house at last?

It’s tentative love at first sight.

After all you’ve been through, you may not fall head-over-heels in love at the first sight of those plantation shutters that you adore or the winding driveway you’ve been thinking about for years. With that said, one of the first signs that you may have found the right house for you is a sense of hopefulness before you even step out of your car. That house’s curb appeal is speaking to you in a way that makes you think that this could be the one.

When you walk in and stand in the rooms, they just feel right.

Call it a gut feeling or buyer’s intuition; this is a subtle emotion. You just feel at home in a way that you haven’t in any of the other houses you’ve toured.

You don’t see flaws; you see opportunities.

The master bathroom may only have one sink right now, but you know it’s big enough to accommodate two sinks and you’re up for the task. The kitchen counter might need some love, but that’s an easy enough fix and you’ll get to add in the marble countertops you’ve always wanted. If the house isn’t right for you, all of these things will seem like a hassle instead of something to look forward to.

real-estate-agent-seabrook-islandIn every room you enter, you start imagining how you would arrange your furniture.

You’re already envisioning the layout and thinking about how your furniture would complement the space of this new home. You can see how you would move things around to entertain family members during the holidays and you’re figuring out the best place to display your favorite piece of art.

The house covers all of your basic needs.

It might not have the garage you wanted, but it fits your room, bathroom, and space requirements. You recognize that anything on your wishlist that the house doesn’t have is either not that important or can be added later.

You don’t want to look at any other homes.

It isn’t because you’re burned out on house hunting–you know what you want.
You’re looking forward to entertaining guests here. You want to share this home with your friends and family, and you can’t wait to start planning.


It fits your future.

Do you know you want kids? This house has plenty of room and is close to great schools. Looking to expand your business soon? The house has the space for an expansive home office.

If you’re still on the hunt for your perfect home, contact our Seabrook Island Real Estate office. We would love to help you find the home that is right for you and your family!

The 5 Factors of a Good Location

People always say that location is the most important factor in buying good real estate, but what that term really means is not always clear. ‘Location’ doesn’t just mean the distance to downtown Charleston; a good location incorporates several other important community aspects.

aerial view of the seabrook island beach club and pool

How close is the property to where you need to go?

Centrality is often what people think about when they hear the term ‘location.’ There is a reason why the downtown areas of cities are often the most expensive; they are close to the city’s heartbeat, and depending on development regulations, there may not be new ones being listed on the market any time soon.

Real estate that is farther away from essential locations generally falls in price. This isn’t a strictly linear relationship, though, because homeowners often appreciate the larger spaces and limited traffic congestion that living away from the city allows.

Are there plans for development?

Current amenities are important, but so are future ones. If you know that there are building plans for a new high-quality school or hospital in the area, the property value of nearby real estate will increase. Before you settle on a home, try to find out what developments are in the works.

Seabrook-Island-club-bike-ridesWhat is the neighborhood like?

Every homeowner-in-the-making will have a different idea of what they want in a neighborhood, but there are a few things that appeal to all. First, you want the neighborhood to be located in reasonable commuting distance to your essential places. Second, easy access to quality amenities is ideal. Third, the neighborhood should have an appearance that appeals to you (and other potential buyers if you plan to sell later).

How much are homes nearby going for and how long are they on the market?

When looking at the closing price of other nearby homes, consider how long it took to sell those houses. A quick turnover rate indicates that there is interest in the area.

Where is the lot located?

After you have considered all of the above factors, the choice you make between alternatives may come down to the lot itself. Is one option on a busy road? Does it back up to a church or some other commercial property? If it is nearby structures like these, it will likely be more difficult to sell.

If you are looking for your next primary home or a rental property, Seabrook Island has a wide assortment of homes and lots that are available for sale. Reach out to Seabrook Island Real Estate for more information.

3 Things Sellers Should Look For When Choosing An Agent

Situated 24 miles south of Charleston, S.C., Seabrook Island offers a secluded, island lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still close proximity to great dining, shopping and world-class healthcare facilities. When it comes to finding the right buyer for your island property, here are five things sellers should consider before listing with a real estate agent.

  1. A Seasoned Veteran – When evaluating potential agents for your home, ask how long they’ve been selling on the island and research their selling history over the past six months. While it is good for the agent to demonstrate sales knowledge by number of houses sold during that time period, it is even more important the agent you choose has experience selling homes similar to yours in features, square footage and desired price point to ensure they bring the right buyer to your home.
  2. Accessible Advocate – The agent you list your home with will be the primary advocate for your property. Ensure they are on the same page when it comes to making your home a priority and that you don’t get lost in a sea of listings. A great agent will be able to balance other listings with consistent communication and effort selling your property specifically.
  3. Island Intricacies – Residential real estate is local. Each market has several subsets of neighborhoods and communities that your agent should have a firm understanding of. Seabrook Island is no different. This is a close-knit island community where subtleties and island intricacies can make all the difference. The agent you choose should have a robust marketing plan that brings in buyers from both the island and other markets, but it’s imperative that they understand the nuances of the island market. While Spring is a popular time to list, is there a particular month to list that can yield a higher sale price? Are there certain words to use when describing the home that resonates with desired buyers? The more focus your agent’s practice is on selling properties on Seabrook Island specifically, the better.

Spring has Sprung!

The grass is greener, the blooms are brighter and the temperatures are rising – Spring has officially sprung! I’ve rounded up my five favorite things about this sunny (and gorgeous!) season on Seabrook Island below. Happy #FirstDayofSpring, y’all!


The greens are greener.

golf course on seabrook island in spring

Although our golf maintenance team and Seabrook Island Club maintenance squad do a fantastic job of keeping our Island beautiful and serene year-round, the warmer temperatures in March and the rain in April brighten and liven our greens! Here on Seabrook we have two award-winning golf courses, Crooked Oaks and Ocean Winds, each offering unique challenges and playing conditions. Visit here to learn more about Seabrook Island Golf!


In Bloom!

flowers blooming with oceanfront view

Photo: Julie Livingston Photography // Discover Seabrook Island Facebook Page

Azaleas, Magnolias and jasmine – oh my! Our favorite thing about Spring in the Lowcountry? The flowers! Although the pollen is irritating (pun intended), the azaleas are already in full force here on Seabrook Island – downtown Charleston, too! And the jasmine and magnolia trees will begin to bloom next month.


Longer Days.

sunset over ocean with palm trees

Although Daylight Savings can be an absolute pain, it also signals LONGER days! Meaning, more daylight hours for golf, trail rides, tennis matches, oceanfront dining and hours by the pool. With cooler temperatures at night, Spring is also a perfect time of year for sunset beach walks and star gazing.


Open for the Season.

aerial view of pool and ocean

Our favorite spot on the Island, the Beach Club/Pelican’s Nest, opens for the season at the beginning of Spring! Oceanfront happy hour, lunch with ocean views and lounging by the pool? Sign us up! The pools at the Beach Club and the Seabrook Shoppe will open for the season this Friday, March 23rd, and the Pelican’s Nest and Cap’n Sams Grill will open next Friday, March 30th. Stop by the Shoppe from 2-4pm on the 23rd for champagne and snacks at their “Sip & Shop” event!


Easter in the Lowcountry!

easter service with ocean view

Easter is one of our favorite things about Spring, and there are a few great events on Seabrook Island to celebrate. Stop by the Island House front lawn at 10am on Saturday March 31st for the popular Easter Egg Hunt and/or the Ocean Terrace at 6:30am on Easter Sunday for the Sunrise Service. + the Island House will be serving a special Easter brunch from 11am-3pm on Sunday. Our neighbors, Freshfields Village, are also hosting a few events Easter Weekend! Their Spring Festival is 11am-3pm on Saturday, March 31st, and their Easter Service is at 9:30am on Easter Sunday on the Village Green.

Happy Spring!

Kelly Butorac
Marketing Coordinator
843.768.7789 • kbutorac@seabrookislandmarketing.com

Featured Property Friday: The Perfect Beach House!

It’s not an exaggeration when I say that 2249 Catesby’s Bluff is the perfect. Beach. House. Bright soaring spaces, ocean breezes, a stunning renovation and plenty of living space make this an ideal beach home or full-time residence!

beach house on seabrook island

This home’s inverted floor plan allows light to flood the great room and kitchen on the second floor. But it’s the dramatic curved stairway, situated in 2-story foyer, that is the first stunning feature you first notice when you walk in the front door.

interior picture of beach house with staircase and foyer

Up the stairs we go to an open living and dining room.

bright open floor plan showing living room and eating space

Features here include a vaulted ceiling, a full wall of windows, access to a screened porch and a rear deck and beautiful hardwood floors.

outdoor balcony with chairs

This space is also open to a beautifully renovated kitchen with bar-top seating, crisp white cabinetry, granite countertops, gorgeous backsplash and stainless steel appliances – including a wine fridge!

spacious kitchen with granite counters

The master suite is just down the hall and has a large walk-in shower, dual vanities and a soaker tub.

master bathroom

Perfect for hosting out-of-town guests or entertaining, the majority of the first floor is an open family room. Also on this level are three additional bedrooms and three baths.

living room with eating space

Best of all? This home, with a second row location, is located just a quick walk to North Beach!

aerial view of Seabrook neighborhood close to beach

3,128 sq ft
4 bedrooms • 4.5 baths
Built in 1983
Listed at $1,345,000
*Listed by Seabrook Island Real Estate Sales Executive Stuart Spisak

As a reminder, you can read all of my #FeaturedPropertyFriday posts HERE. Below are the spectacular homes we have toured thus far:

3143 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

3575 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

2633 Jenkins Point Road ~ $2,195,000

2975 Seabrook Island Road ~ $585,000

13106 Pelican Watch Villa ~ $399,000

3035 Marsh Haven ~ $2,750,000

2412 High Hammock Road ~ $849,990

3212 Bohicket Road ~ $2,980,000

Thanksgiving Weekend Tour of Homes

3655 Cobia Court ~ $1,998,000

2941 Baywood Drive ~ $865,000

2455 The Haul Over ~ $1,400,000

2777 Live Oak Villa ~ $269,000

Kelly Butorac
Marketing Coordinator
843.768.7789 • kbutorac@seabrookislandmarketing.com

Seabrook Island… Your Reward for a Lifetime of Hard Work!

When are in the frenetic days of raising a family, pursuing careers and maintaining other parts of our lives, we fantasize on what retirement will be like. If you live on Seabrook Island, your retirement will be full, fun and balanced between events, activities and/or specialty interests. You will make new friends and enjoy the pace that retirement has to offer.

Still working? We have lots of folks with and without children combining Seabrook Island and working. Although your activities are weekend and night events, they are still satisfying and fun. Golf, tennis, pickleball and horseback riding are all nearby and waiting for you!

green live oak trees with bikers

Interested in learning more about our area? The Seabrook Island Natural History Group offers lectures, which are open to all Island residents, throughout the year. Interested in birds? The Seabrook Island Birders recently hosted a backyard bird count on all of Seabrook Island. Photography? Check. Art? Check. Needle Arts? Check. Book Clubs? Check. And, best of all, the beach. Ever-changing, renewing spirits, a genuine joy to experience as often as you get there for a walk, a swim or a reading session. You get the pictures – this is everything you ever wanted to do in a small geographic area.

couple enjoys quiet beach with blue skies

If you’re already here, congratulations! If Seabrook Island is part of your long-term plan, now is the time. Things are moving along and prices, as well as interest rates, are creeping upward. So, as the Southerners say, “Y’all come to see us.”

Purchase a property and join us as we enjoy every day here! We are here to help you buy, sell, rent or transition into larger or smaller properties. Call or email us for more information!

Molly Burkart & Marc Chafe
Seabrook Island Real Estate Sales Executives
843.768.7819• 843.768.7248
• marc.chafe@comcast.net

Featured Property Friday: A Secluded Beach Getaway

In many ways, the Live Oak Villas are a near-perfect getaway on Seabrook. Close to the beach and the hustle and bustle of the Beach Club (in reality, it’s just a short bike ride!), but nestled amongst the Live Oaks and palms of the Lowcountry.

Near the secluded and gorgeous Camp St. Christopher, this community is tucked away from Seabrook Island Road on the golf course, offering both privacy and activity. Fun fact: there is even a walking path to nearby Privateer Creek Road! And 2777 Live Oak Villa is about as perfect as they come.

neighborhood houses against sidewalk

Beautifully updated and open, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo is an end unit located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac on the 15th hole of Crooked Oaks Golf Course.

seabrook island golf course

Featuring an open kitchen/dining/living room, it’s the updates here that make this unit stand out above the rest of the Live Oak Villas. Think: gorgeous Southern pine hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, new cabinetry and vanities and new showers. + it has beachy and coastal décor to boot!

beach house living room

beach house kitchen and eating space

An additional unique feature here is there is a professionally enclosed 10×19 sunroom.

beach house sun room

Additional outdoor spaces include a screened porch and an outdoor grilling deck overlooking the golf course.

beach house back porch

Two bedrooms, each with their own en suite bath, offer plenty of space for visiting guests or family members.

beach house bedroom with two single beds

Short and sweet this week, but this unit is one of my favorites currently on the market!

1,250 sq ft
2 bedrooms • 2 baths
Built in 1987
Listed at $269,000
*Listed by Seabrook Island Real Estate Sales Executives Molly Burkart & Marc Chafe

As a reminder, you can read all of my #FeaturedPropertyFriday posts HERE. Below are the spectacular homes we have toured thus far:

3143 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

3575 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

2633 Jenkins Point Road ~ $2,195,000

2975 Seabrook Island Road ~ $585,000

13106 Pelican Watch Villa ~ $399,000

3035 Marsh Haven ~ $2,750,000

2412 High Hammock Road ~ $849,990

3212 Bohicket Road ~ $2,980,000

Thanksgiving Weekend Tour of Homes

3655 Cobia Court ~ $1,998,000

2941 Baywood Drive ~ $865,000

2455 The Haul Over ~ $1,400,000

Kelly Butorac
Marketing Coordinator
843.768.7789 • kbutorac@seabrookislandmarketing.com

Celebrating March Holidays!

Happy March everyone!

March has always seemed like a beginning to me. A fresh start to the new year, finally out of the winter doldrums and the promise of spring close by. There are lots of great holidays in March to celebrate: St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th, the first day of Spring on the 20th, Palm Sunday on the 25th, the start of Passover on the 31st and National Puppy Day on the 23rd. Yes, that is an actual day. Who doesn’t like puppies!

We had 31 new listings in February. This breaks the office record of 16 new listings that was set back in 2015! Kudos to Seabrook Island Real Estate’s hardworking agents – I have found them to be both knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to Seabrook Island. We have seen such an increase in traffic, that we will soon need an increase in inventory. When it comes to real estate, I never predict what may happen in the future. But, starting strong is a good indicator of how we might finish.

Recently, I took my dogs to the beach and met quite a few dog parents – what a wonderful place for our four-legged family members to hang out. So, in honor of National Puppy Day, I have included a few special “puppies” that need homes! For adoption information, contact the Charleston Animal Society at 843.329.1541.

Bella is 8 months old and very sweet!

Charleston animal society dog Bella

Snapple is a very excited 5 month-old!

Charleston animal society dog Snapple

Cadet is a beautiful, 1 year-old bulldog mix who loves to play!

Charleston animal society dog Cadet

Happy Spring!

Gerri Franchini
Broker in Charge
843.768.2560 • gfranchini@seabrookislandrealestate.com

Featured Property Friday: Life on a Lagoon

When I was making a list of properties to feature on #FeaturedPropertyFriday, 2455 The Haul Over was at the very top! Situated on a cul-de-sac and overlooking a large lagoon with views of the 4th hole of Ocean Winds, + 3,900+ sq ft of living space, it’s a great family home. Although the interior spaces are stunning, this home’s view is what truly makes it unique.

seabrook island home with sunset

Originally built in 2007 by Tom Berl of Surfside Construction, this stucco home was carefully designed with family in mind with great attention to detail. Unique features include 10 ft ceilings, custom-made cabinet hardware, crown moldings, 12” baseboards, large windows, wide plank Brazilian teak and Travertine flooring and the finest finishes. It was even featured in Charleston Home & Design Magazine in 2008!

seabrook island home with palm trees

The front garden path heads to the house with mahogany, double front doors that open to a welcoming foyer. The great room is straight ahead and has a vaulted ceiling, a gas fireplace, cast stone surround and built-in shelving and cabinets.

spacious living room with natural light

Double doors lead to the rear deck that overlooks the lagoon with an Egret nursery and views of the golf course.

backyard patio with table and chairs

The master suite and the Carolina Room off the kitchen also have access to the rear deck. A unique feature here is the screened in gazebo with a “summer kitchen” – grill, refrigerator and seating!

backyard indoor space with small kitchen and couch

The great room is open to the stunning, gourmet kitchen. Professionally equipped, it is a chef’s dream featuring Sub-Zero, Miele and Wold appliances including a 6-burner gas cooktop and grill, a double oven, warming drawer and a built-in coffee system. It also incorporates custom-designed cabinets, a large center island with seating, granite countertops, stone backsplash and Franke stainless steel sinks. Across the way is a sizable walk-in pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelving.

open floor plan with large kitchen and living room

The Carolina Room is just off the kitchen and has a vaulted cypress ceiling and Travertine flooring. Also on this side of the home are two guest bedrooms with a Jack & Jill bath, a powder room, the laundry room + a spacious, private guest suite with a full bath.

indoor gazebo with windows and furniture

Leading back to the foyer is a built-in bar area with glass shelving, granite countertops, cabinets for storage and a wine cooler. Steps from both the kitchen and the dining room, this is perfect for entertaining!

On the opposite side of the foyer are an office and the luxurious master suite. With a closet to die for, and breathtaking golf and lagoon views, this space is a must-see. The master bath has stone flooring, a large circular walk-in shower, a double vanity with Onyx sinks, a Jacuzzi tub and a custom linen closet.

bedroom in seabrook island house

Additional features of this home include: an elevator, central vacuum, an outdoor shower, under house storage, a water filtration system and a 2-car garage with epoxy flooring, storage cabinets and a work bench.

Perfect for entertaining, and for bird watching!, this home is a sight to be seen!

seabrook island pond

3,911 square feet 
4 bedrooms • 3.5 baths
Built in 2007
Listed at $1,400,000
*Listed by Seabrook Island Real Estate Sales Executives Mary Ann Lloyd & Kathy Rigtrup

As a reminder, you can read all of my #FeaturedPropertyFriday posts HERE. Below are the spectacular homes we have toured thus far:

3143 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

3575 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

2633 Jenkins Point Road ~ $2,195,000

2975 Seabrook Island Road ~ $585,000

13106 Pelican Watch Villa ~ $399,000

3035 Marsh Haven ~ $2,750,000

2412 High Hammock Road ~ $849,990

3212 Bohicket Road ~ $2,980,000

Thanksgiving Weekend Tour of Homes

3655 Cobia Court ~ $1,998,000

2941 Baywood Drive ~ $865,000


Kelly Butorac
Marketing Coordinator
843.768.7789 • kbutorac@seabrookislandmarketing.com

Featured Property Friday: The Charm of Eclectic Decor

After a brief hiatus in January, due to the holidays and the New Year, I am back with our first #FeaturedPropertyFriday post of 2018!

We’ve had some great properties listed this year thus far (we are at 26 new listings in February alone!) making the decision to pick a home for our first Featured Property DIFFICULT. I settled on 2941 Baywood Drive for three primary reasons: 1. Homeowner Bonnie’s sense of style is out of this world cool. Just wait until you see photos! 2. Its floor plan features an open concept that is so hot on the market right now, making it a great house to entertain in. And 3. It’s in a great location.

Welcome to 2941 Baywood Drive!

seabrook island home with sunset

Step through the front door into a spacious living area, with hardwood floors, coffered ceiling, a gas log fireplace and custom, floor-to-ceiling built-ins. Light and airy, with a wall of windows and glass doors overlooking the outside rear deck, this space lends itself to gatherings of friends and family.

seabrook island home living room with tall ceilings and natural light

Featuring a great open-concept floor plan, this space is also open to the dining area. It offers plenty of space for a large table and signature light.

seabrook island home eating space

And kitchen.

seabrook island home kitchen

The kitchen features granite countertops, fine cream cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, a wine fridge, tile backsplash and a stone floor. The dining/kitchen area also leads to a screened porch with shades and a rear deck.

seabrook island home back porch

Also on the first floor is the spacious and luxurious master suite. Features here include custom-built closets, a glass door to the outside porch, his & her vanities, water closet, garden tub and a custom tile shower. A powder room and a laundry room complete the first floor.

seabrook island home bathroom with shower and tub

Upstairs are two en suite guest bedrooms + a space currently being used as an office.

seabrook island home bedroom

Additional details include: 12 ft doors, high ceilings, tall windows, a surround sound system, hardwood floors throughout the main living area and sea grass carpeting in the bedrooms, crown molding and recessed lighting, walk-in closets, a 2-car garage and exquisite landscaping with LED lighting.

BONUS: look at this pup that greets you in the front foyer!

seabrook island home foyer with stairs

2,965 square feet 
4 bedrooms • 3.5 baths
Built in 2008
Listed at $865,000
*Listed by Seabrook Island Real Estate Sales Executive Natasha Stevens

As a reminder, you can read all of my #FeaturedPropertyFriday posts HERE. Below are the spectacular homes we have toured thus far:

3143 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

3575 Seabrook Island Road ~ SOLD

2633 Jenkins Point Road ~ $2,195,000

2975 Seabrook Island Road ~ $585,000

13106 Pelican Watch Villa ~ $399,000

3035 Marsh Haven ~ $2,750,000

2412 High Hammock Road ~ $849,990

3212 Bohicket Road ~ $2,980,000

Thanksgiving Weekend Tour of Homes

3655 Cobia Court ~ $1,998,000

Kelly Butorac
Marketing Coordinator
843.768.7789 • kbutorac@seabrookislandmarketing.com