Seabrook Shoppe Sales Clerk

Essential Job Functions:

Inventory procedure and computer knowledge go hand in hand. Must be able to process incoming inventory product, assign inventory codes, price items and display, update inventory maintenance and inventory transaction screens. Conduct monthly inventory counts and update any discrepancies in the adjustment screen accordingly. Accuracy of count is crucial to the budgetary guidelines, i.e., cost of goods/revenue, and is tied indirectly to then annual Accounting audit.  In the absence of the Assistant Manager or Manager, bring to manager’s attention, or order miscellaneous product items, i.e., soda, beer, wine, candy, ice cream, cigarettes, sundries. Update inventory transactions screen, and process product accordingly.


Decision Making/Problem Solving:

Be prepared to make on the spot decisions with authority; i.e., selling an item at Discount in order to move a product out. Be knowledgeable of accounting procedures in regards to having a check issued upon receipt of COD items Have authority to issue a payout and purchase audio tapes for the shop’s audio library.  Be knowledgeable of End of Day reports and be responsible for ensuring accuracy of all items. If a discrepancy occurs, determine where error is and correct error.



Skills:  Have knowledge of computer software that pertains to cash register and inventory maintenance.  Must be able to do sales by hand if computer system goes down.

Education: High School Education

Physical Demands: Must be able to lift soda and water cases, also heavy bins containing stored clothing,

Experience: Must have experience in retail sales. Also, have experience in merchandising